Fiddling Around In The Back End Of WordPress

Fiddling Around In The Back End Of WordPress

It all started with a notification of unwelcome malware. Who the hell welcomes malware?

 That first notification lead to others within the hour and had me delving into things I never knew existed buried within my WP desktop! 

C panel is where much of the magic happens. This is the way I examined file structures ‘under the hood’.   

Under pressure to resolve the load that these bad actors are evidently creating on my server I resort to ‘learning on the fly’. 

I now know there is nothing like watching a graph of server activity rising like an alpine peak to get me motivated.

As I began to solve the problems, I learned about ‘backdoors’ and about altered core files and how I could easily repair some files.

These easy repairs are achieved by comparing the modified file with the known good files. This check establishes the rogue lines of code. The rogue code is then erased.  The good news is that by using Wordfence, all of this happens at the tap of a wizardy wand!   

Other malicious components are harder to expunge. They require carefully opening and editing files of code. Care is the watchword, miss one tiny point and experience shows that error reports replace the website that people expect to load when they call around. 

The learning continues. I have gained skills in optimising. I now know how to inspect and cautiously edit my databases. The size of these databases is staggering. I wonder what Amazon’s databases must look like, they will be humongous. This probably explains why they got into datawarehousing. 

I’d probably prefer to not have had this issue to deal with but having it has prodded me into new learning which  in and of itself is good.